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Most Popular Indian Vegetarian Dishes

There are thousands of delicious and healthy Indian vegetarian recipes that can be cooked simply and easily. Indian vegetarian dishes are full with Indian spices and are delicious with hot chapatis, parathas, naan and rice. Here is the list of Indian's most popular and famous vegetarian dishes.


1. Rajma Masala


Rajma is a one of the most popular vegetarian dish, it is also called as Red Kidney Bean Curry native to the Indian subcontinent, consisting of kidney beans in a thick gravy with many whole Indian spices, and is usually served with plain rice. Perfect for a busy evening, this recipe cooks in less than 30 minutes and uses only one pan. Onions, garlic and spices are roasted and fried until aromatic; beans and water are added and cooked until smooth. This recipe calls for a pinch of asafetida, which comes from a fennel-like plant and has a very strong onion and garlic flavor.

2. Mutter Paneer

Mutter paneer is one of India's most popular paneer dishes.The muttar means peas, and the paneer is a solid cottage cheese, it is a vegetarian dish from North India that combines the two in a rich tomato based sauce, traditional Indian spices like coriander, cumin, turmeric and garam masala, with garlic and ginger paste and green. chilis to create a vegetarian dish that doesn't skimp on flavor. Mutter Paneer is one of the most famous and loved dish of all vegetarians, usually served with rice, naan, roti, chapati, and paratha.

3. Malai Kofta


A dish for special occasions in India, Malai kofta is the delicious vegetarian which is an alternative to meatballs (in Indian cuisine, koftas are meatballs). This recipe may take a little while to make, the flavorful and creamy results are well worth it and will appeal to any vegetarian looking for a hearty dish. A mixture of vegetables, paneer cheese, heavy cream and spices combine well and form balls, then fill with chopped nuts and raisins. The koftas are fried and served in a well seasoned sauce. Malai Kofta is a different version, like pumpkin koftas, banana koftas, and jackfruit koftas.

4. Chana Masala

Chana masala or chole masala is a dish native to the Indian subcontinent and is one of the traditional and most popular dishes in Punjab. The main ingredient for this dish is a variety of chickpeas called chana or Kala chana. Crushing some of the chickpeas creates a nice thick consistency, perfect for scooping up with a yummy bhature or kulche.

5. Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is a bread dish originally from the Indian subcontinent.Aloo parathas consist of unleavened dough rolled up with a mixture of mashed potatoes and spices, which is cooked in a hot tawa with butter or butter. This recipe is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in the northern, and cumin,chilled curd and your favorite pickle or chutney on the side.

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