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Best Bakeries In Delhi

Do you want a cake with dripping chocolate to satiate your palate? How about feasting your sweet tooth today with some of the best desserts in town?


Don't worry, we've made sure you taste the best as we've handpicked a list of Delhi's best pastries to spice up your day. Try one of these places for exotic desserts like macaroons, cakes, and delicious pastries after a good meal. These bakeries are some of the best of the bunch and we're sure you won't be disappointed after trying their artisanal desserts that will make you want more.


1. L'Opéra

Once you enter L'Opéra there is no going back empty-handed as they have the most heavenly desserts that will melt in your mouth. They hardly ever go wrong, from their cakes, fresh bread, muffins, and cakes, to their tasty offerings. They have an exemplary selection of goodies. Everything here is as good as it looks.

Address: Select Citywalk Mall, G47, District Centre, Sector 6, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017
Phone: 011 4654 7112   
Order: zomato.com

2. Defence Bakery

Defense Bakery, one of the game's oldest players (premiered 1962), has many memories intertwined. If you are looking for a personalized cake this is the place to go as they bake one of the tastiest personalized cakes with perfection.

Address: Shop 34, Defence Colony Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110024 Phone: 011 4669 8829 Order: defencebakery.in

3. Whipped

Whipped is known for its yummylicious, easy-to-eat cheesecakes. If you are loyal to chocolate, then we recommend you to try their Mud Pie.

Address: E-556, Greater Kailash-2, Block E, Greater Kailash II, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048 Phone: 063664 48868 Order: whipped.in

4. Wengers


Anyone who grew up in Delhi will always have Wenger as a childhood memory, Wenger's is one of Delhi's first and largest bakeries (founded 1926). The bakery is named after the Swiss couple who created it. They are best in their pastries, cakes, fancy desserts, pizzas, bread, puddings, quiches, pastries, even chocolate, cakes without eggs, and mousses.

Address: Shop No: A/16 Near Inner Circle Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001 Phone: 011 2332 4373 Order: zomato.com

5. Maxims

Maxims, one of the oldest bakeries in South Delhi, offers a mix of contemporary and old-fashioned baked items. Head to Maxims for well-priced desserts and decorated cakes. They make designer cakes to order in case the steering wheel doesn't cut it. His chocolate truffle cake is a huge success.

Address: HS -3 KAILASH COLONY MARKET, New Delhi, Delhi 110048 Phone: 011 2923 2581

Order: zomato.com


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