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Best Travel Apps to Explore India

There is no place in the world like India. Alternate between traditional and modern, beautiful landscapes and bustling megalopolises. Traveling to India is a rewarding experience. If you are a fan who is planning to spend your next vacation in India or a traveler who wants to explore the beauty, culture, and heritage of India, travel planning is necessary. To avoid the hassle, you'll need to plan, research your destination, and then make reservations. Otherwise, before you know it, your long-awaited trip will turn into a disaster.

What if there is no time to research and plan?

You can rely on your smartphone. Today, trip planning is much easier than before with a number of applications available.

1. Google Maps

If you have a good internet connection in India, there is nothing compared to Google Maps. This app helps you with live traffic situations and the best routes available to travel by train, bus, car, or on foot in the best possible way.

If you are concerned about the internet in India, HERE WeGo is here to help. This is an application that allows you to browse without an Internet connection. Originally developed by Nokia, you need to download the India map before coming to India as the size of the map is larger and it will require a good broadband internet connection.

Available on: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Web.

2. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip regularly appears as an essential tool for traveling to India, and for good reason. This comprehensive booking site has an easy-to-navigate layout, a well-designed app, and most importantly, a well-stocked directory of hotels, travel options, and deals.

You can also book flights and trains here, but the hotel section is where the service really shines. It has the most comprehensive list of accommodation options in the country, from ultra-luxurious to basic.

Available on: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Web.

3. Uber/Ola

Uber and OLA are taxi service providers operating in major cities in India. Travelers can opt for a mini-car, sedan, motorcycle, or auto-rickshaw with these two apps. In addition, travelers can also carpool to save on taxi fares. Uber and OLA also offer trips to remote stations.

Available on: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Web.

4. IRCTC Rail Connect

IRCTC Rail Connect is the official IRCTC application, launched by the Indian government. It can also be used to book train tickets online, check PNR status, train routes, and seat availability. Overall, IRCTC Rail Connect responds to all inquiries regarding Indian Railways.

Available on: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Web.

5. Zomato

The Indian answer to Yelp, Zomato is on a never-ending search for the best restaurants in the country. The news, which spans over 80 cities, is neatly organized into categories such as “pocket delivery” and “nightlife”, and is accompanied by up-to-date thematic recommendations and customer reviews.

Originally founded in India, it now operates in over 20 countries, so if you like it you may even be able to continue using it at home.

Available on: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Web.

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